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Louis Moesta The Tribulation Church. Christianity in the End Times

The Tribulation Church presents a scholarly examination of the Church in the end times. In his insightful exploration of this controversial theological issue, Louis Moesta, M. Div., draws upon original Greek and Hebrew texts to make a convincing case for the posttribulation rapture position. A must-read for any Biblical scholar or layperson interested in the tribulation, the rapture, or the Christian church in the end times. This insightful and controversial book should be on the shelves of every library, Christian bookstore, and seminary bookstore.

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John W Keddie Preserving a Reformed Heritage

This is the story of the Free Church of Scotland in the 20th Century. It outlines the life and witness of the Church throughout the century dealing with some of the issues which faced the Church in that period. A companion volume entitled 'A Divided Church', provides an account of the division which occurred in the Free Church of Scotland in 2000, a division that led to the emergence of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing). This is not an exhaustive history, nor is it an 'official' one. It is in the nature of 'Aspects of the History of the Free Church of Scotland in the 20th Century.' The Free Church itself reflected a confessional evangelical and reformed position throughout the century, though not without testing times, not least right at the end of the century.

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Arthur Cushman McGiffert A History of Christianity in the Apostolic Age

Эта книга — репринт оригинального издания (издательство "New York : C. Scribner's Sons", 1903 год), созданный на основе электронной копии высокого разрешения, которую очистили и обработали вручную, сохранив структуру и орфографию оригинального издания. Редкие, забытые и малоизвестные книги, изданные с петровских времен до наших дней, вновь доступны в виде печатных книг.1903. McGiffert writes in the Preface: It has been my endeavor in writing a history of Christianity in the Apostolic Age to treat the theme as a unit, and to trace the development so far as possible in its totality. The volume necessarily contains much that falls properly within the province of special works upon New Testament literature, exegesis, or theology; for the Apostolic Age is the age of the New Testament, and in the pages of the latter are found the thoughts and deeds of the leading actors in the history. But it has been my constant aim to subordinate all such special subjects to the common end, and to deal with them only in so far as they constitute a vital part of the larger whole. Contents: The Origin of Christianity; Primitive Jewish Christianity; The Christianity of Paul; The Work of Paul; The Christianity of the Church at Large; and The Developing Church. See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.

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Louis Newman Jewish Influence in Christian Reform Movements

In his work, Rabbi Newman documents the struggle between Christianity and Judaism. The Rabbi also includes information on Jewish Influence in fomenting the Protestant revolt against the Catholic Church, which led to the freeing of Jews from Church strictures and mainstreaming them into the political and social life of Christendom, particularly in Protestant countries.Newman even takes up the topic of Jewish influence in Puritan New England. All in all, this is an important book for those wishing to understand the mutual antipathies which have beset Christians and Jews.

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Dan Kimball They Like Jesus But Not the Church, P Guide. Six Sessions Responding to C Objections Christianity

In this six-session small group Bible study, They Like Jesus But Not the Church, Dan Kimball explores and addresses the most common objections and misconceptions about Christianity.

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This book THE GREAT GLOBAL AWAKENING is a timely book in due season, that brings a clarion call to the church of God which have literally gone to sleep. The writer of this book draws the attention of God and man to the present state of the church which is the body of Christ. The church today is a far cry from God?s original intention for the church. This book in your hand has a mission of bringing back the church and the backslider to God?s original intention for the church. This book is expository and insightful in regards to the unfolding end time events. Lot of the mysteries that seems to becloud the end time activities will be unraveled. This book brings to fall the appropriate timing of the pre and post tribulation events. We are presently in the technology age. The earth has never known technology at the dimension it presently is and this is the major tool of the anti Christ to reign with on the face of the earth. Our attention is also drawn to the beast and his mark.

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Cally Hammond Glorious Christianity - Walking by Faith in the Life to Come

In Glorious Christianity, Cally Hammond invites you to think and pray deeply about the primary, foundational belief of Christianity - the resurrection of Jesus - and how you can live your life in the light of it. Her book will help you to make sense of the stresses of human living and dying, to explore what it means to believe in the hidden glories of heaven and to live more positively by faith in the life to come. Especially helpful to those facing questions arising from death and bereavement, the book is also ideal for church study groups, with discussion questions and a prayer at the end of each chapter.

1927 РУБ



Thomas M. Lindsay The Church and Ministry in the Early Centuries

This series of lectures from Scottish theologian REVEREND THOMAS MARTIN LINDSAY (1843-1914), first published in 1902, examines the Catholic Church as an institution and a faith in the earliest years of its existence. Lindsay discusses:. The New Testament Conception of the Church. A Christian Church in Apostolic Times. The Prophetic Ministry. The Churches Creating Their Ministry. The Ministry in the Second Century. The Fall of the Prophetic Ministry and the Conservative Revolt. Ministry Changing to Priesthood. The Roman State Religion and Its Effects on the Organization of the Church

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Augustus Neander, Henry John Rose The History of the Christian Religion and Church During First Three Centuries

Originally published in 1841, The History of the Christian Religion and Church is the most famous work written by German church historian DR. AUGUSTUS NEANDER (1789-1850). Neander finds that the introduction of Christianity caused a stir in morality and thinking in those first few hundred years that propelled civilization forward. And precisely because of the lack of institutions, early Christians had a greater freedom to explore the impact of Revelation on their souls. He discusses different Christian sects, diverging doctrines and the controversies that followed, the role of Jews in Christianity, the Gnostics, and eventually the establishment of the Church. Neander also talks separately about the great doctrines of Christianity, dealing with the nature of God, the name of God, Creation, the Trinity, and numerous other issues that have been of great concern to Christian thinkers throughout history. Anyone interested in the history of the Christianity will find a wealth of information in this well-researched book.

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Hilary C. Achunike Dreams of Heaven. A Modern Response to Christianity in North-Western Igboland, 1970-1990

Historical studies about Christianity in Igboland and elsewhere in Africa have largely concentrated on church activities—especially on the work of expatriate missionary priests and the different denominations of Christianity adopted by the people. But what about the people’s personal experience with their religion? How does an Igbo man or woman see the Christian church as relevant to his or life?Dreams of Heaven: A Modern Response to Christianity in North-Western Igboland, 1970–1990 is the first serious contemporary study of how the Igbo people have responded to Christianity—and how they continue to respond to it today. It shows that the Igbo response to Christianity has changed with time and perspective, and that even with an avidity for churches and religion, the Igbo are largely disillusioned and even confused about the tenets and fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith.The truth about Christianity in Igboland is that there are many who are Christian in name but pagan in practice—largely due to the fracturing, splintering, and proliferation of churches and denominations, which has made knowing true Christianity difficult for many people. With a recognition of these facts, however, is born a hope for the Igbo to embrace Christian values and further their lives of faith.

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Dennis Farrell Post-Trib

Post-Trib: A Post-Tribulation View of the Second Coming is the author's view of the rapture of the church in a thoroughly researched presentation, free of dogmatism. The Bible doesn't answer every question regarding the Second Coming, but when we let it speak for itself, it answers more questions than many people realize. While not a criticism of other eschatological viewpoints, some disagreement is inevitable. Instead, it is an in-depth look at the post-tribulation view. This book is not meant to be a popularized version of prophecy, but a serious study of prophetic scripture pertaining to the Second Coming. Post-Trib includes both Old and New Testament scriptures regarding end time prophecy. It does not attempt to change people's minds, but to simply plant seeds.

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F. J. Foakes-Jackson A History of the Christian Church. From Earliest Times to A.D. 461

In spite of long truces and temporary agreements, Christianity and the State had become two rival powers striving for the mastery of the world, and until the close of the final contest under Diocletian there could be no real peace between them.The Church was herself fully prepared for the struggle. During the first century of her existence she had perfected her organization, and her leaders, the bishops, had obtained unquestioned authority.-from "The Conquest of Heathenism by Christianity: A.D. 161-A.D. 313"With equal measures of reverence and erudition, this classic 1891 history of Christianity offers a succinct survey of the Church, from its pre-Christian foundations in Israel through its ascendency to an absolute force for cultural and religious power during the Dark Ages. In crisp, readable prose, Foakes-Jackson, a respected and prolific Biblical scholar, discusses:. how Jewish synagogues forged the path to churches. the rise of the family of Herod. the societal impact of Jesus during his lifetime. the work of the apostles in the decades after the Crucifixion. clashes between the Roman government and the Church. the origins and principles of Gnosticism. Christian thought in the early centuries of the Church. the organization of the Church. the influence of Constantine. and much more.Also available from Cosimo Classics: Foakes-Jackson's A Brief Biblical History: Old Testament.British theologian FREDERICK JOHN FOAKES-JACKSON (1855-1941) was a fellow of Jesus Col...

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Roy W. Anderberg End Times Prophecy. A Biblical Overview of Preterism, Historicism, and Futurism

Understanding biblical prophecy requires an open and flexible mind based on a cohesive and contextual understanding of the Bible. When Roy W. Anderberg first began studying the end times forty-one years ago he was coming from the vantage point of only one view. He soon realized there were several views to consider, and in time, he switched his view to one he felt was closer to the ultimate truth. However, the more he studied, the more details came to light, and he once again modified his view. Today his anchor is on a short chain, ready to pull up in a moment of new discoveries.While Anderberg now ascribes to a detailed pre-millennial, post-tribulation, single advent model, he wrote End Times Prophecy to assist others in understanding the nuances of all three major views—Preterism, Historicism, and Futurism. In End Times Prophecy you can benefit from Anderberg's forty-plus years of study, come to your own conclusions, and have the knowledge needed to defend and support those conclusions.

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African Contextual Realities

Everyone who has “eyes to see” acknowledges the growing importance of the African church to the future of global Christianity. But what does it mean for the church to take root in Africa? How should the message of the gospel and the practice of Christianity be contextualized for Africa? African Contextual Realities addresses many of the questions surrounding contextualization from a practical point of view and is the fruit of the 6th Annual Conference of the Africa Society of Evangelical Theology held in Nairobi in 2016. The book explores such questions as: In what ways should the mission of God be universally recognizable in every cultural context?In our efforts to contextualize, how do we avoid compromising the very gospel we are to proclaim?How can the African church wean itself away from dependency on the Western church?How does Christianity speak into some of the cultural and social issues arising out of contemporary African settings – issues like widow cleansing, Christian-Muslim relations, and peace-building?All those who are interested to learn more about the contextualization of African Christianity will find this volume to be an important resource.

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Brendan McCarthy, Mia Hilborn, Mike Newcombe At the End of Day. Church England Perspectives on Life Issues

From assisted suicide to the basic standards of nursing and residential care, debates around end of life issues are rarely out of the news. This succinct guide represents current thinking in the Church of England and offers a framework for ethical decision making and the highest standards of pastoral care in often complex and challenging situations. Chapter One outlines the theological and ethical basis for Church's contribution to end of life debatesChapter Two explores the dynamics of decision making in hospital based end of life careChapter Three considers issues in organ donationChapter Four explores the ethics and the wider impact of assisted suicide.

2739 РУБ



Ludo van Eck In Search of Holy Mother Russia

The book examines the condition of religion and the Church in the Soviet Union, the relationship between the Soviet authorities and the Church, and tells of church holidays and rites, of church music and art, and of the distinctions between the Orthodox and the Catholic Churches. Light is shed on the peace activities of the Russian Orthodox Church. The author visited the religious centres of Moscow and Leningrad, Pskov, Petrozavodsk, Vladimir, Suzdal, and other towns. The author asked churchmen numerous questions, such as, Are believers persecuted in the USSR?, Are priests heckled or ridiculed in the streets? Are young people to be found among the believers?, and the like. The book is published on the 1000th anniversary of the introduction of Christianity in Russia.

700 РУБ



Clayton Carpenter The Divine Order of the End Times

God has a divine order for the return of Jesus. And it’s not as complicated or as confusing as often presented. Still many in the church are confused about God’s time line or are apathetic toward it. Both conditions leave the believer in a position of unpreparedness or deception. When asked about his coming, the first thing Jesus said was, “Do not be deceived.” In this chaotic world, deception is rampant with special agendas and political and religious disinformation. As Christians, if we fail to grasp God’s plan for our lives and his divine time line, deception is the only option. Not being deceived places us in a position of preparedness. Just as God prepared Noah, he wants us to be prepared. A systematic and logical teaching is presented in The Divine Order of the End Times.

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Икона стиля - кресло Louis Ghost из прозрачного и цветного поликарбоната в стиле Людовика XV-это квинтэссенция барокко, созданная для ослепления, возбуждения и пленения.

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Зачем вам нужен прозрачный стул и что с ним делать ... A nightlight in the bedroom! Kartell Louis Ghost Chair, by Phillippe ...

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Прочная натура. Стул Ghost изготовлен из прочного пластика – поликарбоната.Трудно поверить, что этот воздушный, невесомый и, на первый взгляд, ...

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Вы просматриваете предложения по запросу "louis ghost акриловый стул" . Все товары поставляются напрямую от производителей и поставщиков по ...

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29 авг. 2013 г. - Louis Ghost – стул, задуманный в качестве ироничной версии классического кресла в стиле Людовика XV, стал предметом культа, ...

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Стул-стол Colonna Ettore Sottsass, Kartell Colonna - это стул от Kartell, разработанный дизайнером Этторе Сотсасс ( Ettore Sottsass ).

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Удобное в стиле Людовика xv. Навеянное возвращением барокко, созданное, чтобы удивлять, вдохновлять и очаровывать.

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Стул Louis Ghost был разработан в 1982 году Филиппом Старком (Philippe Starck), вдохновленным креслом короля Людовика XV (фр. Louis XV).

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Его творения — стулья Louis Ghost и Victoria Ghost — стали звездами мирового мебельного дизайна. И, заметьте, им для этого не потребовались ...

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Его предметы давно стали must have любого стильного интерьера, и стул Louis Ghost не исключение. Этот бестселлер — ироничная фантазия на тему ...

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Стиль стула Louis Ghost возвращает нас во времена Людовика XV. Это пример самого смелого в мире использования технологии впрыскивания поликарбоната через одну форму.

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3d модель стул Louis Ghost от Philippe Starck, для бренда Kartell, Италия. Созданный инновационным архитектором и дизайнером Филиппом Старком, стул-призрак стал современной культовой классикой.



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Прозрачный стул Louis Ghost (Призрак Людовика) был спроектирован в 2002 году французским дизайнером Филлипом Старком по заказу бренда Kartell. С того времени было ...

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На волне неудержимой популярности Louis Ghost родилась бейби-версия прославленного творения Старка.

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Мебель · Освещение · Декор · Ковры · Стул Louis Ghost. 6 500 Р. В корзину. Размер: 92,5х54х57,5 см. Материал: Пластик Цвет: Дымчатый прозрачный.

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Стул Louis Ghost от дизайнера Philippe Starck. Доставка по России! Мы предлагаем широкий выбор дизайнерских светильников, созданных всемирно известными архитекторами и дизайнерами.

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Louis Ghost Chair стал наиболее смелым примером квинтэссенции элегантных линий кресел эпохи Барокко и современных технологий. Выполненный ...

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Смешанные формы стула Louis ghost удивят своим совершенством. Вы однозначно будете чувствовать себя комфортно, потому что дизайнеры учли ...

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Родившееся в творческом союзе французского дизайнера Филиппа Старка и итальянской фабрики Kartell, Louis Ghost — «Призрак Людовика» — год за ...

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Стул Louis ghost украсит любой интерьер и превосходно расположится в Вашем доме, кафе или баре. Качество каркаса обеспечит длительный срок ...

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5 мар. 2017 г. - Стул Louis Ghost был разработан в 1982 году дизайнером Филиппом ... Louis XV) Несмотря на кажущуюся легкость, этот стул очень ...

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Стул Louis Ghost от итальянского производителя Kartell. Удобное креслице из прозрачного и цветного поликарбоната в стиле Людовика XV. Навеянное возвращением барокко ...

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Прозрачный стул Louis Ghost ... дизайнера Филиппа Старка и итальянской мебельной марки Kartell. В рамках специального проекта был создан стул Louis Ghost ...

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Стул Louis Ghost был разработан в 1982 году Филиппом Старком (Philippe Starck), вдохновленным креслом короля Людовика XV (фр. Louis XV) Это был ...

Louis moesta the tribulation church christianity in the end times. Итальянские стулья Kartell купить в Москве - 23 товара

Стул Louis Ghost Фабрика Kartell В ... менеджерам вы сможете получите полную подборку из категории Стулья производства Kartell из Италии по отличным ценам в Москве.

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Привет и добро пожаловать в мой блог! Меня зовут Елена Эллер, я - дизайнер. Бесконечно люблю природу, непохожие друг на друга закаты, танцы под дождем, запах ...

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Стул Louis Ghost был разработан в 1982 году Филиппом Старком (Philippe Starck), вдохновленным креслом короля Людовика XV (фр. Louis XV).

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Стул Louis Ghost. Материал сидения: поликарбонат. Страна происхождения: Китай Размер (Ш х Г х В): 540 х 570 х 925 мм. Высота до сиденья: 450 мм.

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Стул Louis ghost прекрасно сочетает в себе благородство классического исполнения и новаторство современных технологий, которые использовались ...

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3d модели: Стулья - Стул Kartell Louis Ghost :: Скачать :: Формат 3dsMax 2013 + fbx :: Kartell Louis Ghost Удобное в стиле Людовика XV. Навеянное возвращением барокко, созданное, чтобы удивлять ...

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Стул Louis Ghost был разработан в 1982 году Филиппом Старком (Philippe Starck), вдохновленным креслом короля Людовика XV (фр.

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12 сент. 2018 г. - Прозрачный стул Louis Ghost (Призрак Людовика) был спроектирован в 2002 году французским дизайнером Филлипом Старком.

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Стул Louis Ghost – дизайнерская разработка Филиппа Старка, датированная 2002 годом. На изобретение данного шедевра дизайнера вдохновило ...

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3 апр. 2018 г. - Стул Louis Ghost был разработан в 1982 году Филиппом Старком (Philippe Starck), вдохновленным креслом короля Людовика XV (фр.

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Товар: Louis Ghost; Коллекция: Ghost; Бренд: Kartell; Страна: Италия; Дизайнер: Starck Philippe

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Kartell LA flagship online store. Kartell offers modern furniture & contemporary plastic chairs. Featuring Philippe Stark Victoria & Louis Ghost Chairs, &

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Louis Ghost. Прозрачный стул Louis Ghost (Призрак Людовика) был спроектирован в 2002 году французским дизайнером Филлипом Старком. С того ...

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Стул Louis Ghost был разработан в 1982 году Филиппом Старком, вдохновленным креслом короля Людовика XV (фр. Louis XV) Это был первый ...

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15 апр. 2015 г. - Вопрос к любителям скандинавского стиля. Может, кто покупал стулья Louis ghost или копию, реплику? Как они в быту? Ищу, чем бы ...

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Оригинальные по форме и цветам прозрачные стулья – это фантастический выбор для любителей современности. Прозрачный стул Louis Ghost ...

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Стул Victoria Ghost был разработан в 1982 году Филиппом Старком (Philippe Starck), вдохновленным креслом короля Людовика XV (фр. Louis XV).

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Кроватка для новорождённого, коллекция louis, theophile & patachou p.99,990.00 Подростковая кровать Willie winkie brigantine, WOODRIGHT

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Пластик и мода шестидесятых: что покупать, …

Стул La Marie дизайн Филиппа Старка, Kartell Mid-century modern Новая волна увлечения пластиком в интерьере пришла к нам с модой на 50-е, 60-е и 70-е.

Kenneth H Carter Embracing the Wideness. The Shared Convictions of United Methodist Church

Embracing the Wideness contrasts a generous orthodoxy with the culture wars that seek to drive a wedge between Christians with deep faith convictions. A generous orthodoxy is possible for The United Methodist Church because scripture supports both a confessing movement and a reconciling movement.In addition to our divergent understandings of holiness in The United Methodist Church, we apparently have two distinct conceptions of church. These two conceptions of church present in American Methodism grew from seeds planted in the earliest practice of British Methodism:1. A separatist church, which views holiness as a calling that separates us from the world--"come out from among them and be separated" (2 Corinthians 6:17). Here holiness is a quality that distinguishes Christians from the world.2. An activist church, which understands holiness as a movement for change in an unjust world. The boundaries between church and society are blurred, with the "wheat and tares" growing together (Matthew 13) until God's final judgment.At times, a denomination is able to hold these two conceptions of church in tension. And at times, as in recent experiences of American Christianity, there is fragmentation and division. The division may finally be the result of clearly articulated values that are not compatible. And the division may also be the result of how leaders do harm to each other.What great things could be accomplished if we rediscovered orthodoxy in service of the...

1564 РУБ



K L Rich Revelation. Removing the Prophetic Veil Bible Lesson 1

We are living in the last of the last days. God wanted His Church to be aware of what would take place during the end times and to have something to look forward to upon His Return. God handed the message to Jesus, and Jesus gave it to the angel, and the angel delivered it to John, and John wrote it down for the church. In this lesson series, we will break down the meaning of this prophetic book and you will be able to understand why it is so relevant for the times that we are living in and what's to come. This first lesson will break down the 1st chapter of Revelation and give details concerning its author and scribe.

1189 РУБ



Larry Phillip Russell Biblical Studies on the Prophecies of Rapture and Revelation

Biblical Studies on the Prophecies of the Rapture and Revelation - is an introduction to and exploration of the Bible’s teachings on the Second Advent of Jesus Christ. It distinguishes the Rapture from the Revelation. It affirms the Premillennial / Pre-tribulation Rapture / and Dispensational views. Explored are various theological positions of the Return of Christ, Biblical history, Church history, and insights from key Scripture passages.Russell writes for inquiring laity, clergy and seminarians. This work provides edification, inspiration, a wealth of Biblical knowledge; working together strands of history, theology, Biblical studies, statistics and even humor. The book addresses the Unconditional Covenant God made with Israel; kindly refutes ‘Replacement theology’ / the Amil and Postmil views; defines Daniel’s 70th Week; considers the future Tribulation, Millennium; reminds of God’s Sovereignty and Providence, warns of sensationalism, date setting; presents ‘signs of the times’, and touches on Apostasy.The book is a comprehensive eschatological work with significant amounts of doctrine, Biblical history, the history of Christianity, and interrelated eschatological considerations. It also admonishes practical Christian living and encourages seeking paths of holy living.If you desire to understand the distinctions between the Rapture and the Revelation, seek a challenging and rewarding journey of study, and if you would find your faith strengthened and your understanding in...

4527 РУБ



Harold John Ockenga These Religious Affections

In this series of beautifully crafted sermons, first delivered to the congregation of Boston's historic Park Street Church in 1937, Harold John Ockenga invites his listeners--then and now--to embrace the kind of historic Christianity that challenges the mind, transforms the behavior, and warms the heart. Calling Christianity ""a religion of the heart"" first and foremost, he explores the biblical foundations and practical implications of the religious heart, the wicked heart, the pricked heart, the contrite heart, the believing heart, the hardened heart, the burning heart, the pure heart, the troubled heart, and the loving heart.""Harold John Ockenga's stirring challenge for the Christian church to rediscover its rich heritage as a 'religion of the heart' was first issued in 1937. Delivered as a series of sermons to his Park Street Church congregation in Boston, the gifted young preacher called his listeners to embrace the joys of true Biblical Christianity through a return to personal, experiential, and wholesome faith. As relevant today as it was in the twentieth century, Ockenga's sermons will encourage your heart, stretch your mind, and strengthen your faith."" Garth M. Rosell, Senior Research Professor of Church History, Gordon-Conwell SeminaryHarold John Ockenga (1905-1985) studied at Taylor University, Princeton Theological Seminary, Westminster Theological Seminary, and the University of Pittsburgh. From 1931 to 1936...

1814 РУБ



Robert H. Ruby, John A. Brown Slocum and the Indian Shaker Church

This detailed, well-documented history describes the life of the Squaxin spiritual leader John Slocum and the growth in the Pacific Northwest of his Indian Shaker Church (not to be confused with eastern Shakerism). Students of Native American religion and Christianity will find this a moving story both of assimilation and of the curing that is the Shaker Church’s reason for being.The Indian Shaker movement began in 1882 when the charismatic but dissolute Slocum had a vision after a near-death experience. Later his church was led by his wide, Mary Thompson, and early-day leaders such as Mud Bay Louis and Mud Bay Sam. Today church members continue to combine Native American styles of singing, body movement, and verbal declarations with bell ringing, songs, burning candles, and shaking in a unique curing tradition that is honored outside the church particularly for its success in teaching against the use of alcohol. Intense community support, for both leader and patient, is a focal point in the lives of Shaker Church members. Their tradition has endured despite the important differences in members’ tribal backgrounds and religious viewpoints chronicled in this up-to-date account by veteran scholars Robert H. Ruby and John A. Brown, the first outsiders to have access to church records.

3614 РУБ



Louis a. Kelsch Enter Ye in at the Strait Gate. The Fate of Mankind Foretold

Written with the enthusiasm of missionary zeal and the goal to deter people from the "wide gate," Enter Ye in at the Strait Gate presents the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught by the Mormons. Author Louis A Kelsch, a lifetime member of the Mormon Church who has served in various callings and capacities in his faith, offers an easy-to-understand interpretation of his religion to facilitate better understanding and acceptance of the dogma of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This study explains that the LDS Church is organized exactly like the church the Lord Jesus Christ created in the meridian of time. As a completely restored church, it continues today with the same beliefs, practices, and organization experienced by those early-day saints as presented in the New Testament writings of the King James Version of the Holy Bible. In this discussion, Kelsch examines and explains the Godhead, the Great Apostasy, the Restoration, the Book of Mormon, the principles of the gospel and the Scriptures, and the plan of salvation. Geared toward the investigator, those less active in faith, and those struggling with testimony, Enter Ye in at the Strait Gate provides an outline of the fruits one can expect from being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

1102 РУБ



Basil Hewitt Revelations of the Divine Plan Ages. I Time to Wake Up.

This work is based on the fact that the Bible is the Word of God, without error or contradiction, and acceptance of the fact that the historical progression of the seven letters to the Churches, and the seven parables on the Kingdom of Heaven are related to the seven periods of the Church Age. Each Age reflects the historical social, political, moral, and religious conditions of that period. Topics discussed in this work includes: the Tribulation Period, the abomination that causes desolation, the number 666 as a human social system, the Battle of Armageddon, the two Witnesses, and the "place" prepared for the two women in Revelation chapter twelve. The Battle of Armageddon enabled the Jewish people to return to Palestine and bring an end to the desolation period. A turning point in the study came when it was discovered that the end of the desolation period; the end of Daniel's 1,290 years; and the end of the protection of the two "women" in the "place" God prepared for them, all occurred in the year AD 1970. The year 1970 marks the beginning of "The Time of the End." It is interesting to note that the revealing of "the man of sin" resulted in social upheavals of the past thirty years; the rise in terrorism; global warming; and the melting of ice caps around the world. Scientists and others have documented events related to "The Time of the End" which will culminate with a great catastrophe when the seventh trumpet is blown ...

1752 РУБ



Musekiwa Ernest The Church and Challenge of Missions

The Church's Great Commission is enshrined in three great tasks: Going, Preaching and Teaching. In most local churches, there have been a paradigm shifting on priorities leading to a lost zeal in missions work. However, it is still the biblical mandate for the Church to carry on the Great Commission of Christ in a race against time in winning the lost before Jesus returns. In this book, the author discusses how important the biblical goal of missions is vital for the growth of a healthy,dynamic Christian and Church life. The first part looks at the Orders of the Church; the second part discusses the Obligation of the Church and the final part of the book looks at the Obstacles of the Church in doing missions work. True biblical Christianity should drive the Church out into the world of the lost and bring them to the salvation that is in Christ. When we neglect this urgent agenda on God's time-table, we lose the purpose of our existence as Christians. The passion that drove Christ to the Cross should be the same passion that drives us into world evangelism.

9264 РУБ



Alfred Loisy, L. P. Jacks The Birth of the Christian Religion

This book is an enormous piece of scholarship. It is arguably the most thorough and masterful book on the formation of Christianity because it attempts to put all theological considerations aside. It presents historical facts without many of the standard, Christian preconceived notions or beliefs attached. The author, Alfred Loisy, was a Roman Catholic priest in France until the age of 51. He was excommunicated from the Church in 1908, having been an acknowledged leader of a movement within the Church known as “Catholic Modernism.” They considered Christianity to be a living faith that changed with history and the growth in knowledge. They believed that truth could not be changed, but the representations of this truth could be changed, as done by the Church in some areas. They believed doctrine is not the same as history—which is why Loisy wrote this book. Some may claim it was written out of “sour grapes,” or revenge, after being excommunicated, but the expulsion merely freed him to explain the truth accurately. Scholars outside the control of the Church generally share Loisy’s opinion. His most famous quote was that “Jesus came preaching the Kingdom, and what arrived was the Church.” He was so esteemed as a scholar, that he was appointed chair of history of religions in the Collège de France, where he served until 1931. He passed away in 1940, at the age of 83.

1989 РУБ



Thomas A. Fudge Christianity without the Cross. A History of Salvation in Oneness Pentecostalism

A study of the doctrine of salvation in the United Pentecostal Church and its immediate historical antecedents with a focus on the Pentecostal Church, Incorporated and prominent ministers such as Goss, Greer, Yadon, Gurley, Jacques, Stairs, Wickens and Paterson.

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Hope and Life Press The & Christianity Series. Teachings of the Catholic Church

The Hope & Life Press Christianity Series is made up of six books that comprise the teachings of the Catholic Church on various topics pertinent to 21st century man. The topics include just war theory from the time of the Scholastics to the present day, the nature of Islam, the hot-button issue of capital punishment, Catholic Social Doctrine about migrants and refugees, the nature and different levels of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, and the 28 references to the Divine Heart of God the Father that can be found in Scripture.Previously released in separate ebooks according to topic and written in easily comprehensible language, this paperback edition of The Hope & Life Press Christianity Series has been updated to incorporate the latest proclamations of the Church on capital punishment and just war. The book is suitable for both those seeking to learn more about the above topics from a Catholic standpoint and for those looking for a refresher.

3377 РУБ



Ann K. Maloney A Priest Forever. The Life and Times of Father Robert F. McNamara

A Priest Forever: The Life and Times of Father Robert McNamara draws together research, insights from family, parishioners, and colleagues, and original writings to fashion a portrait of Father Robert Francis McNamara, a Roman Catholic priest who served the church's Rochester Diocese. Ann K. Maloney draws together material from a variety of sources to present the life and times of a man whom Rochester's Bishop Matthew H. Clark called "an extraordinary man." In a time in the church's history when deep doubts about the clergy lead many to question the trustworthiness of the church itself, A Priest Forever tells how one man-a faithful servant of God-carried out both his calling to priestly service and his immersion in the life of his wider community.

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Many regard the idea of a pre-Tribulation rapture as an escape for cowardly Christians who wish to escape not only the coming Tribulation but the present trials and responsibilities of life. This book will help to dispel that idea as the reader will see clear, biblical evidence of a pre-Tribulation rapture. This evidence is God's design to bring us comfort and encouragement in these last days.This study, in four parts, thoroughly investigates the subject of the rapture. Part one lays out the groundwork for the rapture, in which we focus mainly on a study of Daniel 9. Part two is a short study of the kingdom of God, so the reader can better see the significance of the rapture. In part three we inspect each reference to His coming and show whether it refers to the rapture or to His glorious appearing. In the last section our scope of study is narrowed to showing why the rapture must come before the Tribulation. I highly recommend this book to you if you have any doubts about the rapture.

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Louis Bouyer, John Pepino The Memoirs of Bouyer. From Youth and Conversion to Vatican II, the Liturgical Reform, After

Louis Bouyer was a major figure in the Church of the last century. These memoirs, which Bouyer wrote in a humble and humorous vein--though without withholding his notoriously sharp pen when needed--allow the reader to enter with him into the great events that shook the Church and the world during the era of upheavals and transformations through which he lived. They amount to an intelligent, sensitive, and pious man's fascinating chronicle and deep reflection on Christianity's life and travails in a world committed to modernity. Bouyer here tells us the full and varied story of a life devoted to the discovery of the sources and Tradition of the Church in doctrine, spirituality, liturgy, and scripture.We follow Bouyer's journeys from his inherited Protestantism to the fullness of the Catholic Faith, from his position as a Lutheran pastor to the priesthood in the Oratory of France, from humble parish life to the Olympian heights of his official theological and liturgical collaboration (and difficulties) before and after the Council with such influential figures as Congar, Daniélou, de Lubac, Bugnini, and... Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI). Bouyer paints the lush landscape of a century's illusions and disenchantments; his memoirs are essential for understanding the history of the Church during that momentous time."It would be impossible for anyone to speak knowledgeably about liturgical developments in the past 50 years without being cognizant of the work done...

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Randolph Kay W Purpose. The End Is Near, And So It Begins

Enter the End Times Where Religion Becomes the Enemy And God's True Purpose is Revealed Will Simon, a New York City journalist, is investigating a story about religion for Global Press when, suddenly, he is pulled into a hellish place by his former fraternity brother, Adrian. As if given a cryptic message from the underworld, Will later discovers that Adrian had died that very night. Compelled to uncover the mystery of Adrian's possible murder, he gets sucked into the allure of a demonic presence, and then happens upon a plot in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, that may end his life-a diabolical scheme that will certainly usher in the end times. Only this time, the Antichrist uses religion to fulfill his purpose. In the middle of it all, Will experiences heaven and hell in stunning and transformative ways. In his continual process of discovery, Will finds an alternative church that will radically change religion forever. Key to the story is whether Will can discover and enact his purpose in time for God to fulfill his solution for a fallen world, resulting in an outcome that will test Will's faith in the most excruciating way possible. Will's Purpose offers a revealing look at the invisible powers that influence our lives through numerous twists and turns. It also presents a very unique and prophetic view of the end-times. In the end, it offers a surprisingly new beginning.

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S. M. Michael SVD Dalits. Encounter with Christianity

This book studies the situation of the Dalit Christians and their struggle for equality and human dignity. This study also provides new insights into the complex problems the religious conversion and the process of inculturation in the Indian Church.

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Muhammad Wolfgang G. A. Schmidt .And on this Rock I Will Build My Church. A new Edition of Philip S .History the Christian Church

This voluminous work on Church History by Philip Schaff (1819-1893) was originally published between 1858 and 1893 in eight volumes in the USA and covers the period from the beginnings of Biblical Christianity in A.D. 1 to the History of the Reformation in Germany and Switzerland (1517-1648). Being still a popular text in North America, this work had been out of print for over a century and has now been carefully edited and reformatted for republication in three volumes, each of them containing the text of two volumes of the original edition. Schaff's work, unlike other works in the field, covers a multitude of church history-related aspects - from church doctrine, policy, events and processes to aspects of social moral and family life, arts and more. It is a very comprehensive text, extremely well-written and readable, rich in material and sources used, and attests to the excellence of protestant German theological scholarship under the influence of emerging Historical-Critical Biblical Exegesis at his time. This second volume covers the period from the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers to Medieval Christianity (A. D. 311-1073).

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Daniel Bays H. A New History of Christianity in China

A New History of Christianity in China, written by one of the worlds the leading writers on Christianity in China, looks at Christianitys long history in China, its extraordinarily rapid rise in the last half of the twentieth century, and charts its future direction. Provides the first comprehensive history of Christianity in China, an important, understudied area in both Asian studies and religious history Traces the transformation of Christianity from an imported, Western religion to a thoroughly Chinese religion Contextualizes the growth of Christianity in China within national and local politics Offers a portrait of the complex religious scene in China today Contrasts China with other non-Western societies where Christianity is surging

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